once upon a time prince charming had amnesia

I’ve been a little fascinated with a new television show that premiered last October.  Once Upon A Time is a story about fairy tales.  Snow White & Prince Charming, Beauty & The Beast, trolls and dwarves and all of the Brothers Grimm’s very best stuff.  This isn’t the sanitized Disney version of Grimm’s tales, either.  There’s love and lust, greed and (spoiler alert) hearts being ripped out of chests!

The premise of the show is a little fantastical, but then again, fairy tales always are or they wouldn’t be fairy tales, right?  Snow White and Prince Charming fall in love and get married. (We know that part already, right?)  They have a baby. (Which at least confirms there’s time for a little “laundry” after the wedding before things fall apart!)  But the Wicked Stepmother that we thought was out of the picture?  Turns out she’s still around and she is not a happy camper!  She casts an evil spell on all of Fairytale which gives everyone amnesia and sends them to the small town of Storybrooke, Maine.

Prince Charming and Snow White wander around Storybrooke, with no memory of falling in love, getting married, having a baby.  No more happily ever after.

While watching one night, I thought, Maybe that’s my problem!  My Prince Charming and I have amnesia and can’t remember each other.  Obviously the logical side of my brain said, “Pshaw.”  But still, that would explain so much!  No wonder I’m not with my Prince Charming basking in the glow of happily ever after.  Some snitty woman cast a spell on us and we can’t remember each other!

Then I remember that I was married forever and a day, so really, it’s probably a good thing he had amnesia!  What would Charming do if Snow were already married to some other Prince, or Toad, or whoever?  Challenge him to a duel?  Engage in a sword fight?  Tame a fire-breathing dragon and train him to roast the interloper like a marshmallow on a stick?  (Am I the only one who thinks it would be fun to find out?)

I have a few friends who unwittingly feed my belief in fairy tales.

B.A. kissed frogs for twenty years or so.  Eventually, she met her prince.  Whose name just happens to be Prince.  (Coincidence?  I think not!)  Now they’re living their very own happy ever after with their sweet little princess.

L met her husband in a small-town Louisiana kindergarten all those years ago. They found each other again at their high school reunion.  After a few more twists and turns (including one more marriage to a toad, which is not the same as a frog because toads never turn into princes), they got married in their very own fairy tale wedding last year.  (It took them 43 years to end up where they were supposed to be all along!  But maybe they needed the 43 years of seasoning to be each other’s Prince Charming and Snow White?)

Rounding out my trio of fairy tale worthy love-storied friends is K, who went to her 20th high school reunion intent on having a fun-filled girls’ weekend.  Which sounded all well and good until she was swept off her feet by her 6’8” former basketball playing classmate.  She was engaged by Christmas and married by Memorial Day.  Now she is taking happily ever after a day at a time like smart princesses do!

Queenie and I rocking some tiaras!

What do you think?  Is my Prince Charming lying around a hospital room in a coma somewhere?  Should I quit kissing frogs and start volunteering at the hospital more?  (If I were a forgetful princess, that sure would explain my absolute adoration of tiaras!)

Or maybe, (okay, probably,) I should just keep doing what I’m doing – being the best me I can be, practicing my flirting skills on unsuspecting victims, and perfecting my new balance beam routine called my balanced life.

Question:  Have you found your Prince Charming?   Was he someone new, or had he been hiding under your nose all this time?

6 thoughts on “once upon a time prince charming had amnesia

  1. I love it Regina, I’ve always wanted to do a blog, you may have inspired me! And as for Prince Charming….well I believe they’re all around us, some just need a little spit and polish on their armor before their true “princeness” comes shining through, and even those moments are fleeting, We just have to hold on to them and protect them, see cuz that is our immunity to the dreaded amnesia spell.
    Love ya!

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