adventures in dating (or my better sounding story)

I am changing my life one day at a time by telling my better sounding story.  And you can change your life, too.

Dr. Rahmie Valentine once told me to tell a better sounding story.  At the time, I didn’t really understand what she meant and it was very difficult to switch from my never-ending list of complaints about my life to find a better sounding story.

She explained that The Law of Attraction in its most simplistic form states that like attracts like.  If you’ve read or watched The Secret or heard about Abraham-Hicks then you know what I’m talking about.

In essence, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract to yourself that which you think. So, if you think you attract rotten, heartbreaking men…you will attract rotten, heartbreaking men.

If you think you attract handsome, smart, funny men…handsome, smart, funny men start falling into your lap (or your in-box).

If you walk around telling everyone there’s a black cloud following you, chances are good any time you look up, you will see a black cloud.

If you walk around telling everyone how glorious and beautiful life is, chances are good you are irritating the stew out of the people with the black clouds.   Chances are also good that your days will be glorious and beautiful more often than they aren’t.

Two years after that informative appointment, telling my better sounding story is second nature.

When my divorce was finalized, I didn’t think, “This is the end of my world.”  I was single the first 20 years of my life, and married the next 25.  If life is a trilogy, I’m starting the finale of my trilogy strong, happy and balanced.

When Coach and I broke up, I consoled myself with the thought that it isn’t the end of the story ’til you’ve reached the story’s end.  Life, unlike fairy tales, doesn’t come with a convenient “The End” to let you know when it really is The End.  Death is the only true ending – anything short of death leaves room for possibilities!

Would you like to hear my better sounding story?

I’m seeing a handsome, smart, funny man I call Honey Baby.  Honey Baby makes me laugh and think.  He compliments me, and gives me plenty of reasons to compliment him.  He makes me lose my mind a little when he leans down for a kiss.  A foot taller than me, he still manages to effortlessly make his way down to my lips.

He shows up for a date wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Get me.  I’ll do your body good.”  And then proceeds to earn points for truth in advertising!

One day, my story will sound something like this:  I’m in love, and this time, I love someone who loves me back at least as much as I love him.  I’ve only told two men in my life that I love them.  He’ll be the last.

He’s as quick and witty as Coach, ready to catch me when I fall and then make me laugh.  He compliments me often and does my body good like Honey Baby.

He holds my hand when we walk together, and always stands closest to the curb.  He makes me laugh until tears run down my cheeks.

When I’m with him, I always feel pretty, smart, funny.  (Which I am, of course.  But some men have the ability to make you feel like it isn’t so.)

When I know I’m going to see him, I get breathless and twitterpated.  You know that fluttery feeling in your stomach you get because you can’t wait to see someone?  Twitterpated!

We explore our world together, one little town at a time, content to meander until it’s time to go back to the hotel for a nap.

We run through the rain, laughing, faces lifted to the heavens so we can taste the raindrops on our tongue.

Being with him is as natural as breathing.  And as necessary.

I haven’t met him yet.  Or have I?  It’s impossible to tell, really, because no one knows the end of the story ’til you reach the story’s end.  I’ve just started this part of my trilogy.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

What does your better sounding story sound like?  You are the author of your story, so make it a good one!  Use the Law of Attraction to bring you the life you want.  All you have to do is take that first step:  believe enough to put it into thought.  Start telling your better sounding story and watch it come true! Come on, what do you have to lose?

Question:  Have you used the Law of Attraction?  Or prayer?  Or affirmations?  Have you written your better sounding story yet? What does it sound like?

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