adventures in dating (or my no worries guide to dating)

My favorite response when things don’t go according to plan is, “No worries.”

Things work out the way they are supposed to.  Always.  I may not understand when it happens, but I know it’s true.

Sometimes, like this week, I get immediate confirmation that things worked out for the best.

Last Friday, I met a seemingly nice man on one of those dating sites.  He was all the things I look for in a potential beau:  funny, smart and handsome.

The picture of him as a young marine? Be still my heart! I love a man in uniform. Even if it is a twenty year old picture.  (There were current pictures, too.)

Our initial emails made me laugh out loud.  Both when they first came through and again later when I re-read them at my office.

By that afternoon, he’d asked me on a date for Sunday evening.  Snoopy dance time!

We texted for a few hours on Saturday morning.  He was still funny.  Still engaging.  Honestly, the first guy I’ve encountered in months who seemed like potential boyfriend material.

Sunday morning started sunny and promising.  Date night loomed large.  Then, the unexpected text.

“I have to cancel our plans for this evening.”

“No worries.”  I get it – things come up, plans change.  I can go with the flow.  Really!  I can.  I promise.

Within a few minutes, he admitted that he’d met another woman the previous afternoon.  They had a real connection.  He didn’t want to jeopardize it by going out with me.

My first reaction was disappointment.  Heavy disappointment.

Then a little light went on over my head.  I admit I’ve been out of the dating pool for a long time.  But shouldn’t you know someone longer than an afternoon before declaring monogamy?

In spite of his connection to the newer, better girl, we ended up texting for hours Sunday evening.

I got an update bright and early Tuesday morning. “Well, that didn’t last long.”

The texts that followed made me realize how my sister Karma was looking out for me this time.  What I thought was an invitation to dinner was actually an invitation to something altogether different.

While I was looking at this fella as potential boyfriend material, it became clear pretty quickly he was just looking at me as potential material.

When I kindly declined his offers, he decompensated quickly into, “Well, I guess I’ll just go home and get drunk this evening.”

The next update, “The funny thing is, I just lost my job today.”

And the grand finale, “You deserve someone better than a loser like me anyway.”

Imagine an oversized, cartoon bullet coming at me in slow motion.  My sister Karma steps over, pushes me out of the way, and together we watch the bullet pass by.  Whew!

Morale of the story?  Next time I’m disappointed because something doesn’t work out with a potential beau, I’m going to hang on to my “no worries” approach to dating.  Things always work out for the best.  My sister Karma is looking out for me!

Question:  Are you thankful when things don’t work out the way you want?

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