adventures in dating (or the full moon doesn’t just bring out werewolves)

My very non-scientific study seems to be proving my position that the full moon brings men out of the woodwork.

After a couple of quiet weeks, things started popping again in my dating life last weekend.  Old guys coming around again.  New guys popping up out of the atmosphere.

Carolina full moon

The last time this happened, it was a full moon. I remember wondering if the full moon had anything to do with the host of men emailing, texting and calling me.

About a week after the full moon, things quieted down.  By the time the new moon was just a sliver in the sky, it was just me and Nature Boy.  Nature Boy seems to march to the beat of his own drummer.  Apparently, he didn’t get the memo on the full moon, or he just doesn’t care.

Now that it’s a full moon, Nature Boy has taken a powder.  In his place are a few interesting fellas.  It should be a fun few days until they all disappear again.

Nature Boy seemed like a semi-decent Team B(oyfriend) option.  At least, he did until he disappeared.  Everyone else is clearly designated as Team A(vailable).  I am ok with that.  I’m still smarting a little bit from Nature Boy’s abrupt change of heart.  I think I’m going to give my heart a break for a little while, and just have some fun.

Hopefully, this new group will provide some fun new experiences.  And maybe a blog or two!

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