adventures in dating (or is it too late yet?)

elderly couple in love

I met the cutest couple recently.  George found Faye in the receiving line at an engagement party.   Faye’s engagement party.

When it was George’s turn to lean in and kiss the prospective bride, he whispered in Faye’s ear, “Is it too late yet?”

As soon as she was done with her duties in the receiving line, Faye pulled her mother into the kitchen.  After discussing how expensive the engagement party was, Faye’s mother encouraged her to wait a little while before breaking up with John.  The fiancé.

Faye waited two weeks before calling George.  First he asked her to dinner that evening.  Then at dinner he asked her to marry him.

That was fifty-eight years ago.  Faye is still as beautiful at eighty as she was at twenty-two.  George is still as tall and handsome at eighty-two.  He still has a hint of the once-dark, curly hair that caught Faye’s eyes.

John, the ex-fiancé, ended up being married five times.  Faye tells me he was too serious.  Not very much fun to be around.

George, on the other hand, has quite the sense of humor.  Every time George made me giggle, Faye leaned over and whispered in my ear, “See why I said yes?”

I agreed with her that he was quite a catch.  There’s something about a man who can still make you giggle like a schoolgirl after fifty-eight years.  Something priceless.

Imagine how nice it must be at eighty to look back on your life and know, without a doubt, that you made the right choice.  You spent your life with your soul mate, who showed up just in the nick of time to rescue you from a lifetime with the wrong man.

I wonder where my George is.  If he’s still looking for me.  Wondering where I’ve gotten off to.

He’ll find me, sooner or later.  When he does, he’ll make me giggle like a schoolgirl.  The way George still makes Faye giggle, all these years later.

When he finds me, I hope I’m as brave as Faye.  I hope I embrace what he offers with open arms and all the optimism in my soul.  I hope.

Question:  Have you met your Faye or George yet?  How did you know?

5 thoughts on “adventures in dating (or is it too late yet?)

  1. Hi ya
    I love reading your blogs- sometimes its like a mirror image!
    As you know I haven’t yet met my soulmate (or I might have done currently but I dont want to jinx it!). But to raise your spirits did you know we all belong to soul groups? So there isn’t just one person out there for you! It shortens the odds a bit if you think of it that way! Soul group members can be found in work friends or friends as well as lovers – they tend to be the people you connect with on some level more than your average Joe. Could be someone you get on well with at work, or a close friend who understands you. They come in all shapes and sizes!

  2. i found my george, he just turned out to be “jorge”. there is not a day that he doesn’t make me laugh,even when i am hormonal or angry he always knows what to say. i am so blessed to have him. i never thought in a million years that i would be with someone like him. after a long hard battle to keep an almost 10 year relationship together, i finally closed the door. i then realized something. i was wrong the whole time. with the help from a friend i realized God was the most important man in my life. I poured my feelings out to him and told him to take the wheels in the relationship dept. soon after, when i wasnt looking, he sent me my Lorenzo. i am a very lucky girl!) thank you god, and thank you lorenzo!)

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