my balanced life (or Regina Mae lies down)

lady bug on a gardenia

Sometimes a balanced life means lying around and not doing a thing but smelling the gardenias.  So, that’s just what I did today.

Lying on the couch on the back patio, enjoying the breeze from the ceiling fan, I let myself be swept away in Nora Robert’s newest adventure, The Witness.  The closest I came to productivity was transplanting my peace lily and separating it into two pots – one for the yoga room and one to go back to the office.

Normally, my days are frenetically filled from sun up to sun down.  Usually, I welcome the activity.  I embrace the harried pace of my life.

But some days, I enjoy the opportunity to loll around, enjoying the ceiling fan and the air conditioning.  Catching up on a new book or two.  Clearing out the DVR.

Today I’m taking an electronic moratorium.  No cell phone buzzing.  No texts pulling me away from the plot line of my book.  Hush Facebook.  Whatever it is can wait.  My mind needs to breathe.  My muscles need to relax.

My body has been sending me signals.  Panic attacks.  The fall at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

palmetto tree overlooking the marsh

This weekend, I’m taking heed to the warning bells.  I have nowhere to be.  Nothing much to do.  Except breathe and enjoy the scenery.

As each hour of this restful day passes, fight or flight signals ebb and wane until all is quiet.  In my mind.  In my heart.  In my soul.

I’m going to go watch a movie now.  Maybe in a little while, I’ll light up the grill.  But then again, maybe I won’t.

Question:  What is your body telling you?  Are you listening to it?

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