adventures in dating (or one frog at a time)

Frog with a crown

I am still looking for my Prince Charming, one frog at a time.  My sweet friend, Lisa, gave me this little toad to keep me company until I find him.  Toad kept her company until she found her sweet, handsome, sexy husband.  She passed Toad on to me in hopes that he will bring me the same luck he brought her.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting.  Well, the entire year has been interesting!  But the newest participant in the Find Regina Mae a Beau sweepstakes has raised the bar.

I signed up for eHarmony.  Again.  The matches have been pouring in. Keeping up with them would be a full time job!

I spend most of my time deleting the completely inappropriate matches.  Lives eight or more hours away?  Delete.  No picture?  Delete.  Old enough to be my daddy?  Delete.

(Strangely, I never have to delete anyone who’s young enough to be my son.  But eHarmony has no problem matching men to women who are young enough to be their daughters.  File that under things that make you go hmmmmm.)

About a week and a half ago, I got a notice that someone sent me a message.  I checked out his profile and he seemed cute, somewhat local, semi-age appropriate, and potentially interesting.  On the last page of his profile, I found his phone number in code!

Nancy Drew has nothing on me.  I cracked that code like the geeky girl I am, took a chance and sent him a text.  Bingo! He said I’m the first girl to figure out his little code. (Finally, all those years of reading Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and Trixie Belden paid off!)

He’s texted me daily.  He finally asked when we were going to meet in person the day my friend came to visit from Colorado.

I assured him I’d love to meet him in person after she leaves town.

He texted again Saturday morning while I was at brunch.

text message

text message

Wait. Wait. What?

We haven’t even met in person and he’s already inviting me to St. Thomas?

Tempting as that is, because nobody loves a sandy beach more than this girl, why would any man think I’d say yes to an invitation to leave the country and share a hotel room with a man I’ve never met in person?  Haven’t even spoken to on the phone??

And how much fun would I be responsible for?  I mean, seriously now, I am the Queen of Fun.  But, eHarmony Dude doesn’t know that!  We haven’t even met yet!!

It’s a mad, mad world!  Do women really agree to go on trips out of the country with men they don’t even know?

Could he really not wait until we’d at least met in person before asking me to go to St. Thomas?

Looks like Toad will be keeping me company a little longer.

6 thoughts on “adventures in dating (or one frog at a time)

  1. Anyone who doesn’t meet face to face first for a simple cup of coffee or a drink as first date is barking up the wrong tree, I think.

    Years ago before I got into online dating, I had a girlfriend who did it and started talking to a guy online from out of state. After a month he decided to come and visit her. Sure enough the guy comes to town 10 years older and 30 pounds heavier than he is in his pics. She had an awkward weekend with him to say the least.

    Did your eHarmony guy think you were just going to show up at the airport and jump on a plane with him? People are CRAZY!

    I like your blog by the way:)

    • People ARE crazy! But the crazy ones make the BEST stories, don’t they? I have no idea what he’s thinking!!

      So glad you like the blog. 🙂 I have a feeling I haven’t worked my way through all the crazies yet!!

  2. Blogging while we’re dating is a beautiful thing! There are so many great stories to share. Somehow it eases the disappointment to know that even though we’ve found another frog, we’ve got another good story! (This also reminds me of how nice it is to be having a break from online dating over the summer…)

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