adventures in dating (or be careful who you text)

Ah the joys of texting!  Instant communication.  No rewind button!  I’m sure all of us have texted the wrong person at least once.  I know I have!

woman texting on blackberry

One Saturday morning after yoga, I was multi-tasking.  Making a fried egg and hash brown breakfast and texting my best friend in Colorado on my Blackberry.  Because the Blackberry limits the number of characters each text could contain, and I am very wordy, I had to keep going back to her text and replying to continue my story.

Her husband is a very focused guy Monday through Thursday night.  Come Friday, his focus shifts from work to his sweet, sexy wife.

My text to my friend start out by saying I thought my new guy might be a lot like her husband.  Last weekend, he was very attentive.  Lots of texting while he was out of town on a business trip.  A couple of phone calls, too.

When it was time to send the second half of the text, I scrolled down, hit reply and typed, “I thought he was losing interest this week, but he sure seemed interested enough last night!”

I finished up my breakfast as I waited for her reply.  As I was sitting down at the breakfast table, I checked my phone to make sure the message had sent.

It sent alright.  Much to my everlasting chagrin, it didn’t go to my girlfriend. I sent it to the new guy as a reply to the last text he’d sent to me.

My immediate response was to delete the text from my phone.  As if that would make it disappear from his phone, too.  If only life were that easy!

After banging my head on the table for a minute or two, I grabbed the bull by the horn. (Like any good Texas girl will do.)

“Hey, Coach.  Talking about you again.”

His immediate response confirmed that he had indeed read my text, and was probably trying to figure out how to respond to me.

“You’re busted, counselor.”

“I am indeed.  Gonna go slap myself silly now.”

After a little more witty banter, we ended up going for our second date that night.  Thank goodness I’d already confessed my penchant for talking about him to my girlfriends, and he has a great sense of humor.

Question:  What’s the worst texting mistake you’ve ever made?

4 thoughts on “adventures in dating (or be careful who you text)

  1. I have a really good friend called Simon, whom a few years back (about 10 thinking about it!) I dated for 2 years. Long story short he saved my daughters life on a boating trip during that time and we are still close friends to this day. I have a nickname for him, which is Dirty Keebab. I was due out with the girls one weekend and sent him a text along the lines of “Hi you dirty Keebab. Us girls are out in town tonight, fancy joining us for a good time??!!”
    Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention, and sent it to my boss, whose name is also Simon! His Wife wasn’t too best pleased and I had the embarrassment of walking into work on the Monday and waiting for him to say something! He held it in for an hour and then ribbed me to pieces!

    • Oh my goodness! That would be a little mortifying. 🙂

      Luckily, Coach has an excellent sense of humor, and I love to laugh at myself! It’s amazing how much easier life is if you are willing to laugh at yourself, isn’t it? 🙂

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