my balanced life (or my HCG diet experiment)

I have probably tried every diet under the sun!

Before and after pictures for HCG diet experiment

before and after

In theory, any diet works if you work the diet.  I’ve lost weight any number of ways over the years but the pounds never seem to stay off for long after the diet is over.

Last month, I ran into two different friends who used the HCG diet to successfully lose thirty pounds in six weeks.  Since that is almost exactly how much I want to lose, I decided to give it a try.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I hadn’t weighed myself since sometime last year, so I was disappointed when I stepped on the scale and saw how much weight I’d gained since last year when I was training for two 5Ks.

But then again, I dress myself every day, so I wasn’t particularly surprised to see how big the number was, either.

The HCG diet seems to be one of the “it” diets right now.  I did some research (a/k/a googling) before starting the diet, and found more bad things than good.  But I couldn’t discount the two friends who had successfully lost weight (and kept most of it off for several months.)

In essence, the HCG diet consists of the HCG hormone, taken either through shots or drops taken orally.  I did the oral drops, six drops four times a day.

I took the drops religiously.  I even set a timer on my iPhone for each of the four times a day so that I couldn’t forget.

Following the diet was more of a challenge.  Two meals a day (lunch and dinner), consisting of one vegetable, one fruit and 3 ounces of lean protein.  And therein lies my diet fail!  Five hundred calories a day did not work for me.  At all.

The bigger problem is that one week after starting the HCG diet I got sick.  And stayed sick for the next three weeks.  A stuffy nose turned into a hacking cough, which turned into bronchitis.  I haven’t been that sick, for that long, in years.

My first week on the HCG diet, I lost five pounds.  Cue the celebratory confetti!

The next three weeks consisted of me gaining and losing the same two pounds, so that at the end of four weeks, I had a net five-pound weight loss.

I was so sick the last three weeks of the diet, the only exercise I participated in was coughing hard enough to bruise my breastplate.

Even though I only lost five pounds, I consistently saw a difference in my body each week.  Every Friday morning, I took pictures in the same bikini.  For once, I wanted visual proof of the effects of my diet!

At the end of the fourth week, I decided I’d had enough.  I’m too busy to be that sick.  And my body couldn’t seem to get well while I was on the diet.

I haven’t given up the desire to lose thirty pounds.  (Well, call it twenty-five now, thanks to the five pounds I lost on HCG.)  But I am determined to find a way to lose the rest of the weight without throwing my body into a tailspin!

Question:  Do you struggle with weight issues?  If so, what are your best tips for taking off, and keeping off, extra weight?

8 thoughts on “my balanced life (or my HCG diet experiment)

  1. My answer:
    I have a terrible “fat photo” taken of me standing next to a painfully thin person. I haven’t been that weight in a while but carry the photo with me most of the time so that when I’m tempted I can see what I might become again. It’s a truely dreadful photo and for some unkown reason I thought I looked good in a peach (bordering orange) suit at the time – oh dear! 🙂

    • I may have to try that one! I have some terrible “fat photos” taken over the years. (And for some reason, I’m wearing something truly atrocious in all of them!)

      Thanks for the tip!

  2. I have found the only tried and true way to lose weight is eating healthy and moving – walking, swimming, MOVING! I started walking 6 weeks ago, and making healthier food choices, and I have already lost 15 pounds!

  3. Mmmmm all this talk of food makes me hungry… hormones can be cruel, as I get older I am struggling with it all. I had a horrible week at work and raced home to comfort eat as a result – usually I eat healthy food.

    • Oh my gosh! Hormones are cruel! In my teens I couldn’t put on weight. In my twenties and thirties, it came off with almost no effort. The forties are not kind to your waistline!! 🙂

  4. My problem is I don’t eat enough. In that case, you’d think I’d be thin as a rail! Well, nope! My body thinks it’s in starvation mode and stores the fat for me. I like the Advocare way, but will have to do it over a holiday break because I only get one break throughout the day. That diet requires drinking a lot of water so you have to pee all the time!!

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