my balanced life (or 95 days of movement)

There are ninety-five days left in the year.  I’m making a vow to myself and my body to make them ninety-five days of movement.

silhouette of running woman

Four years ago, I started taking yoga classes.  Yoga saved me.  During the lowest time of my life, yoga was my safe haven.

In 2011, things changed and I couldn’t make it to as many yoga classes.  So I started walking.  And then I started running.  In September 2011, I walked and ran my first 5K.   I finished.  Last.  But last beats the quitters behind me who stopped.  Even the quitters beat all those who didn’t start at all.

I walked or ran two 5Ks last year.  I kept running until November, when I fell and threw my hips out of alignment.

This year, I’ve struggled to get back into my groove.  The yoga studio closed while Carrie uses all of her energy to beat cancer.  There is a yoga class I take on Saturday  mornings, when I’m home.  And healthy.  I haven’t been since…when?  August?  Maybe July?

The last time I ran was the night before Nature Boy got mad, ran down the stairs, jumped over the gate and got bitten by my Rocky dog.  It was one of those hot, late night runs that sustained me through 2011 and mostly eluded me in 2012.  A slow, hot mile in shorts and a sports bra.  Nobody out but me and the moon.

After that, I went to bed each night thinking, “I’m too tired.  I’ll run in the morning.”  And every morning, I’d wake up thinking, “I’m too tired.  I’ll run in the evening.”

There are ninety-five days left of this year, and I’m done with excuses.  I’m going to fill those ninety-five days with movement.  If I’m too tired to run, I’ll walk.  If I’m too tired to walk, I’ll ride my beach bike.  If it’s too rainy to go outside, I’ll go to my yoga room and pretend that Carrie is there to push me to hold that position just a little longer.  Breathe just a little harder.

Between my birthday and the end of the year is when most people put on weight each year.  Between Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas goodies, it’s a challenge to get through the year without plumping up like that Thanksgiving turkey.

I used to say I dieted and exercised to get my old body back.  I’ve changed my goal.  I don’t want my 25-year-old body anymore.  I want a different body.  A better one.  One that is soft yet firm.  Toned and healthy.  Lungs that can fill me with oxygen.  Heart that beats strong and sure.  Legs that carry me to the finish line.  Arms that hold me in a handstand.  That’s the body I want to walk into 2013.

Move with me!  Let’s end 2012 in triumph and start 2013 in the best shape of our lives! 

11 thoughts on “my balanced life (or 95 days of movement)

  1. Good for you – and good luck on your journey! It sounds like you’ve made the decison to change, and that’s the first step. Your commitment to an improved you will help you achieve your goals.

  2. Good luck! and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go perfectly, any new habits take a lot of time and patience to establish, don’t they? How well I know that feeling of ‘I’ll do it in the morning/evening’…I’ve been trying for just over a year now to get a daily yoga session at home so embedded it’s like toothbrushing, ie I wouldn’t dream of missing a day as it would feel so icky. It doesn’t have to be a loooong session and if it’s late or I’m tired it can be a very gentle one – I just want it to happen. One year in, on average I do a home practice probably 4 days a week. I’m definitely at the stage of it feels icky if I’ve not done it for 3 days.

    • The best I ever felt, physically or emotionally, was when I was attending 4-5 yoga classes a week. Any yoga class is nice, but there is a beautiful, cumulative effect of taking multiple classes in a week. I found I needed at least three classes a week to get the yoga-high. But, if I could get to four or more classes in a week, it was incredible!

      I have had a hard time maintaining a practice at home, though. Maybe I should start thinking of it like brushing my teeth? I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without brushing my teeth! Maybe yoga should be like that?

      Thanks for sharing your ideas!

      • I always found it easier to get to classes too, the home practice started out of necessity when I moved to a very remote part of north Scotland. But I’m glad as home practice is a great and different experience. Ideally I’d like to go to one or two classes a week plus have a home practice…I’ve done week long yoga retreats every so often, so I know what you mean about the beautiful cumulative effect!

    • Thanks! Maybe you and the sweet miss can join me on some of those walks or bike rides?

      If I make it to your house on my bike, think Bubba would take me and the bike home in his truck? 🙂

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